The city of Venice is located in the Venice lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in the northern Italy, on 117 islands that are connected by canals. The buildings in Venice are constructed on wood piles that are submerged for centuries. The building's style of architecture is unmistakably Gothic but the Venetian Gothic Architecture was also used with the influences of Byzantine and Moorish architecture in some of the buildings. The Republic of Venice was a powerful city-state during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance due to its strategic location for international trade and commerce, as well as naval and political power in Europe. Notable buildings in the area include St. Mark's Basilica and campanile, the Doge's Palace and the colorful houses in the island of Burano. It was reported that the houses were painted in bright and contrasting colors so that the fishermen can identify their homes on the way back in the misty lagoon.
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