All Media 2013 Juried Exhibition
Irvine Arts Center
Irvine, CA
Sept 21 - Oct 26, 2013

Held annually, the All Media 2013 is a juried exhibition of the Irvine Fine Arts Center. According to press, there were about 350 submissions and 100 were admitted. This photograph was taken at the one of the Notre-Dame's west towers during a lazy afternoon in December. It also made it to the September 26 edition of the OC Weekly.

Editorial Contributor Dave Barton was quoted as saying: “I fell in love with Paris all over again while looking at the pitted gargoyle overlooking the city in the foreground of Joshua Tann's Watching.”

A gargoyle is a carved stone mythical figure, or in architecture term, a grotesque. They are usually made of granite, with a spout to divert water from a roof and away from the side walls of a structure. Some gargoyles are ornamental only in their function. The term comes from the French word “gargouille.” Many medieval cathedrals or churches have gargoyles and their primary function at that time was to convey the concept of evil to people. The most famous example of these gargoyles are those of Notre-Dame de Paris.
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